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Harbor Regional Center serves over 10,000 people with developmental disabilities, and their families, who reside in the South Bay, Harbor, Long Beach, and southeast areas of Los Angeles County.

Regional centers serve people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families, infants with a significant developmental delay, high risk, or established risk for developmental disabiliy, and pregnant women who are at risk for having a child with this type of disability.

If you think you, your child, or someone you know may have a developmental disability, please review the applicant information in this section.

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What's A Developmental Disability?
Harbor Regional Center Serves People With Developmental Disabilities in the South Bay, Harbor, Long Beach, and Bellflower Areas.

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Información sobre nuestros clientes y familias

Map of HRC Service Area

Demographic information for the Harbor Regional Center caseload as of December of the previous year, including our clients' diagnoses, ethnicity, ages, languages, and where they live. NOTE: When you open the PDF, click on the (+) sign to magnify the size of the charts and text.