Behavioral Services

Family Behavioral Services offers classes that help HRC families with a child exhibiting behavioral challenges. Classes introduce and discuss behavioral principles and teach new skills using practical and individualized examples.
Please contact your Harbor Regional Center Counselor if you are interested in participation in behavior training classes. Families who have not yet received services from Family Behavioral Services are required to attend an Orientation meeting prior to enrolling in FBS classes.

Orientation Sessions

For HRC parents and family members who are interested in receiving behavioral services from HRC, the Family Orientation provides an overview of the services available and an opportunity to answer your questions. Attendance at a Family Orientation Meeting is required as a first step in receiving these behavioral services. Orientations are offered monthly, in Torrance and in Long Beach, with day or evening options. Please contact your HRC Counselor if you are interested in attending an orientation session for participation in behavior training classes.
After attending a Family Orientation Meeting, parents may contact your HRC Counselor to enroll in a class.

Courses Currently Offered

Managing Behavior 1 Class
A seven-week course focused on the use of Positive Behavior Support strategies to understand and teach functional behaviors. The curriculum includes:
• Positive Behavior Supports and the Functions of Behavior
• Why Behaviors Happen
• Self-Esteem and Stress Management
• Reinforcement, Punishment and Logical Consequences
• Sensory Based Behaviors
• Teaching New Skills

Managing Behavior 2 Class
A seven-week course focused on the practical use of the concepts of Positive Behavior Support taught in Managing Behavior 1. The curriculum includes:
• Positive Parenting
• Developing Play Skills with Siblings and Friends
• Determining the Meaning of Behavior
• Setting Limits and Environmental strategies
• Emotions
• Problem Solving

Toilet Training Class
A two-week course is taught with an emphasis on the challenges of toilet training. The curriculum includes understanding child readiness for toilet training and positive and proactive strategies to teaching toileting skills.

Building Social Skills through Play Class
During this three session class, parents and caregivers learn about the importance of play in developing social skills and about how to teach social interaction skills to their children in the home, at the park and at parties.

Positive Social Skills for Teens Class
This class is for clients ages 12 to 17 and their parents. The class presents information on self-evaluation of skills, peer interaction skills, self- management skills and information on how to deal with rejection. Teen participants should be verbal and capable of learning and practicing social skills. The class also equips parents to interact with their teenager to encourage development of age-appropriate social interaction skills.

Body Awareness and Safety Class
This six week class provides parents with information and guidance about how to talk to their pre-teen and teenaged children about topics related to development, sexuality and appropriate body boundaries. Classes consist of one hour of parent training and one hour of trainer-mediated parent/child interaction in which the parents teach their children lessons on each topic. Topics covered include: self-esteem, personal boundaries and safety, public vs. private, puberty and social media/internet safety.

Safety and Sexuality Class
The purpose of this six session class is to provide adult clients with information and guidance related to sexuality. The following topics are included in the curriculum:
• Identifying and recognizing characteristics related to friendship and love.
• Openly talking about various aspects of sexuality.
• Understanding the physiological aspects of sexuality.
• Learning to prevent STDs and unwanted pregnancies and developing a sense of responsibility for his/her sexuality.
• Understanding sexual abuse to which they may be exposed and planning the means to protect themselves.

Registration is required for all classes. Please contact your counselor to enroll in a class. .

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