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Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act

Above is a link to the sections of the California Welfare and Institution Code codified as the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act and related statutes that define the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and establish how these services will be delivered.

More Websites of General Interest:

  • The ARC - For people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Arc of the United States works to include all children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and developmental disabilities in every community. Provides links to other DD sites.
  • Brave Kids - Provides an on-line resource directory focused on services and supports for children with chronic/life-threatening conditions.
  • Center for Child Development and Developmental Disabilities - Site of the University Affiliated Program of USC-Children's Hospital of Los Angeles
  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) - Report on Autism
  • DDS Safety Net - Helping Californians with Developmental Disabilities to be safe and healthy.
  • Disability Benefits 101 (DB101) - Helps workers, job seekers, and service providers understand the connections between work and benefits.
  • Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles - Information for people with Down Syndrome and their families
  • Easter Seals of Southern California - Provides services to children and adults with disabilities and other special needs, and support to their families.
  • Epilepsy Foundation - The Epilepsy Foundation mission is for people with seizures to participate in all life experiences; prevent, control and cure epilepsy through research, education, advocacy and services
  • The Family Village - A global community that integrates information, resources, and communication opportunities on the Internet for persons with cognitive and other disabilities, for their families, and for those that provide them services and support.
  • First Signs - A website dedicated to the early identificationand intervention of children with developmental delays and disorders. Includes information on screening, diagnosis and treatment, for pediatricians and other early childhood clinicians.
  • Fragile X Syndrome Research Foundation & National Fragile X Foundation - Provide information and support regarding research regarding Fragile X Syndrome.
  • Healthy City - An online database for resources and referral including public schools and community services in the Los Angeles Area.
  • Health Care for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Toolkit for Primary Care Providers Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. Preventive Care Checklists, Health Watch Tables, Behavioral and Mental Health Issues
  • The Journey to Life After High School A Report and Guide from